Pavers For Sale Our overage is your gain!Great small project opportunity (see some dimension possibilities below.)Beautiful EVA Pavers by Techo Bloc in Mojave Beige (Techo-bloc Blu 60 in Mohave Beige) They never go on sale: But starting today 50% off.We have 2 pallets 132.48 sqft per pallet. usually $6.00 per square foot yours for only $3.00 perContinue reading “Pavers For Sale”

Xeriscaping 101

Xeriscaping is a long-term affordable approach to designing a landscaped or garden environment using the least amount of water possible.  This landscaping method is not only beautiful but environmentally sustainable and responsible.  Xeriscaping reduces water and fuel consumption as well as fertilizers and pesticides used in maintenance. The water department of Denver Colorado came upContinue reading “Xeriscaping 101”

Balco Trusted Since 1978

Balco has been successfully providing landscaping services to the greater Denver area since 1978. And we look forward to building and expanding our relationship with you and your company in 2020 and beyond.  Weather you have commercial facilities to be maintained or projects to quote, Balco is here for you. All maintenance contracts can be modified to suit your desired timeline,Continue reading “Balco Trusted Since 1978”

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