Pavers For Sale

Our overage is your gain!
Great small project opportunity (see some dimension possibilities below.)
Beautiful EVA Pavers by Techo Bloc in Mojave Beige (Techo-bloc Blu 60 in Mohave Beige)

They never go on sale: But starting today 50% off.
We have 2 pallets 132.48 sqft per pallet. usually $6.00 per square foot yours for only $3.00 per square foot.

Plus we can deliver and install the pavers for an additional cost.
Feel free to make you project bigger, if you like you can order more from Pioneer ….

Dimensions that equal 264 sq2 (rounded to 2 digits)
16.25 ft x 16.25 ft
14.62 ft x 18.06 ft
13 ft x 20.31 ft
11.37 ft x 23.22 ft
9.75 ft x 27.08 ft
8.12 ft x 32.51 ft
6.5 ft x 40.62 ft
4.87 ft x 54.21 ft
3.25 ft x 81.23 ft
264 square feet is equal to 0.00606 acres

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