Xeriscaping 101

Xeriscaping is a long-term affordable approach to designing a landscaped or garden environment using the least amount of water possible.  This landscaping method is not only beautiful but environmentally sustainable and responsible.  Xeriscaping reduces water and fuel consumption as well as fertilizers and pesticides used in maintenance.

The water department of Denver Colorado came up with the term Xeriscaping. While Xeriscaping is attractive in any environment it is recommended and nearly an essential consideration for all extremely dry and arid climates where water is limited.  Great care is taken in designing Xeriscape gardens to increase the efficiently of use water, whether the water is natural rainfall or supplemental irrigation. Xeriscaping also strives to decrease the amount of lost water due to runoff and evaporation. 

Basic Principles of Xeriscaping

  • Water Conservation-
  • Soil Improvement
  • Limited Turf Areas
  • Native Plant Support
  • Low maintenance

Side Benefits

Another benefit to xeriscaping is wildlife protection.  Xeriscaping uses native plants and grasses, which will not disrupt the local wildlife.


The initial installation and design of Xeriscaping could cost more than an average landscape. 

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